Energy Management

Temperature control inside a building is about more than just comfort. Home and business owners often spend significant amounts on heating or cooling due to improperly managed systems or malfunctioning equipment. Even in the absence of air-conditioning units, ceiling fans with only ‘on or off’ options can waste a lot of electricity because they do not operate efficiently.

Lights being left on in empty rooms are another major cause of wasted electricity and wasted money.

Here at PCS we provide solutions to analyse, monitor and reduce your energy consumption.

Thermostat & Fan Speed Control

c4 panel

Add intelligent temperature control to your building by creating your own heating or cooling schedule which can be easily activated. Your HVAC unit can be set to respond to changes in the external temperatures or can automatically adjust according to the time of day. With additional software you can control the temperature remotely. You can also add fan control to your energy management system to ensure that your standard ceiling fans are not working harder than they need to be.