Smart Buildings

Are you tired of trying to remember which remote controls which device in your home?

Are you frustrated over lights left on in empty rooms?
Are you worried about coming home late at night to a dark house?

Add convenience to your home or business and save money in the future by investing in an automation system for your property.


You are in traffic on the way home from a tough day at the office, and feel to spend a quiet evening with a friend, you call your house with your cellular, the house answers the phone, and you give the command to setup for a relaxing evening. You call your friend and tell them to meet you at your home.

Your house has been very diligent in your absence. It lowers its security curtain and eagerly welcomes you, it tells you that no unwelcome guest visited while you were away. All is secure. And will remain that way.

The walkway is well lit, so is the foyer. The lights to the areas leading out to your pool pavilion are set just right.

The lamps that accent your art are in their full glory, the pool heater has heated the pool to the pre-set, the lights by the wet-bar are lit to medium intensity and the pool lights are turned on to a medium setting.

You meet your friend in the driveway, and as you walk in, you hear romantic music being softly played.
But first, time to try the shower…