AMX Inspired XPress Player


Managing your own digital signage is now possible and simple!

AMX Inspired XPress


Inspired XPress is tailored for organizations that desire to manage all aspects of their digital signage including content creation. Inspired XPress features a simple, intuitive software interface that allows staff to quickly create templates and content, and then publish content to IS-SPX-1000 players which are small enough to mount behind any display. Content design is fluid, similar to a web page.


Common Applications

Ideal for digital signage applications where the player must be mounted behind the display of in a confined space like a kiosk or a video wall, Inspired XPress has the power to deliver dynamic information to customers or retailers, hotels, banks, event venues and other public spaces in multiple languages.

The SPX-1000 - Inspried Signage XPress Player Kit

  • Powerful Compact Player – This tiny player is small, light, with no moving parts, yet is packed with capabilities that most PC-based solutions can’t match like live video and video wall support
  • Metric Collection – The IS-SPX-1000 can generate logs showing what messages were run and for how long, allowing documentation for compliance or advertising tracking
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Message Scheduling – Software includes a simple drag-and-drop solution for creating schedules for playlists with upcoming views for a day, week, month or year
  • Messaging – Allows an administrator to send a message to a single display or group of displays immediately such as in emergency situations
  • Green – The player uses only 2 watts of power
  • Supports Live Video – Live video streams can be played allowing for a live video multicasts of content from a network video source