Through Its Subsidiaries Help247 And Digital Signage, PCS Also Provides 24/7 Monitoring Of Commercial And Personal Security Systems As Well As Digital Advertising And Information Display Solutions.




Property Control Systems Ltd. (PCS) started its operations in Barbados in 1995. Since then we have experienced consistent growth, fueled by customer satisfaction and superior after-sales service.
PCS operations are based on the concept that technology should optimize the business process, not frustrate it. Our philosophy, service, solutions and support are aimed at assuring our customers that we provide total quality management and all projects will be completed on time and within budget.

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Your deep understanding of the entire Structured cabling process was key to breaking through the roadblock that was impeding us

Michael. P

PCS evidences a strong background for Structured Cabling the major strength is the level of technical detail and understanding, regarding system architecture and their awareness of the related Codes, Standards and Regulations

Desentos. S

Thanks for the superb support and installation your company provided during the construction of our offices at Lauriston. It allowed us to meet our implementation ahead of schedule and continues to provide a reliable cable plant for ourselves and the tenanted spaces

George. H

…excellent pricing and quality with great attention to detail

Charles. P

... a truly professional company, demonstrating superior product knowledge, seamless installations, on time delivery within budget and prompt after sales support.

Laura. C

...an outstanding job in completing the Olivewood Project. Thanks for your on-time and under-budget delivery

Michael. G

"...product knowledge, pricing, reliability, quality, performance, Technological Superiority and support are all words that come to mind when I hear or think of PCS

Algy. L

...One of the easiest companies to work with. It was a pleasure having you on board...”

Terry. S

Distributed Audio and Video is within your reach. Whether is within your home or across the ocean. Maybe its for entertainment or Video Visitation or Video arraignment.

Security & Access Control

If it's just 1 door to secure or 1000 we have a solution. We are dealers for DMP and ELK security systems.

Home Theaters

Want a really nice Man Cave or Home Theatre. Lets us design one for you to ISF and HAA standards. Play that movie as the director intended.

Lighting Control

We have got a system to match your needs and budget. From the very practical Control 4. To the luxurious Vantage Control Systems. Control Lights, Shades , Air Conditioning , Security and Blinds automatically, by voice or by touch.

Structured Cabling

Notice how we chose best of Breed? Partner with us to design and install a life time warrantied system from Siemon. Or get a residential solution from OnQ Legrand.


Closed Circuit TeleVision, Has come a long way. Our Thermal Cameras are able to see in total darkness and even detect a person who may have stepped around the corner by the fuel storage to take a smoke.

Home Automation

Its unhygienic for anyone else to blow your trumpet. We will justly blow ours. PCS is where the magic happens. We create a WOW per day.

Telephone Systems

We are Trained dealers for Zultys and Panasonic IP Phone systems.

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